Gu Lun Fist

Gu Lun Fist is more than just martial arts—it embodies a way of life.

      Over 400 years ago, Shaolin Temple established Yonghua Hall as the foremost research institution for Chan (Zen), martial arts, and medicine. The inaugural patriarch of Yonghua Hall was Wuyan Zhengdao, the temple's abbot at the time. During the Qing Dynasty's Daoguang period, a pivotal moment occurred when the tradition passed to its 15th-generation successor, Wu Gulun. This marked a significant shift as Shaolin's core cultural essence, originally transmitted exclusively among temple monks, began to disseminate to the wider public. Wu Gulun became the sole documented monk in Shaolin's history to leave monastic life and reintegrate into secular society.

     Since then, spanning over 150 years, Wu Gulun and his descendants have reflected upon and studied the integration of Shaolin Chan philosophy, martial arts, and the martial practices and life experiences of successive generations of the Wu family. This integration has given rise to the Gu Lun Fist, a holistic system that combines physical conditioning, health enhancement, longevity practices, and combat techniques into a unified martial arts discipline.

Master Wu Nanfang
The elegance of Gu Lun
The demeanor of the sect leader
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Chan Wu Practice
Academy dynamics
    In February 2017, the Henan Today's Visual segment filmed a short documentary titled "Gu Lun Chan Temple" at the Gu Lun Chan Temple. The short film captures the daily life at the temple from a...
    To enable many overseas students and enthusiasts to systematically understand Gulun Kungfu, Master Wu Nanfang compiled and edited the history of Gulun Kungfu, the principles of practicing Gulu...
    Martial arts is about repeatedly forging oneself. The term "strike" means to pound away impurities and forge resilience.     Following the method of iron forging, a brittle piece of iron can, ...
Video Material
Three Major "Zhuang Gong"
Simplified Muscle-Tendon Changing Classic
Chuíbǎ Tàolù
techniques for receiving attacks
A:1. Do not rush for quick results, avoid greediness, and strive for stability in learning.2. Practicing Kungfu is also cultivating the mind; with a calm mind comes harmonious Qi, benefiting health...
A:1. Those who need a practical culture to enhance themselves.2. Those aspiring to engage in traditional culture and related industries.3. Traditional martial arts enthusiasts.4. People with health...
A:Gu Lun Kungfu follows the path of martial arts cultivation through Zen, prioritizing enlightenment over flashy moves or combat prowess. Its aim is to cultivate life awareness and enhance personal...
Teacher Team
Wu Wenju
Li Hufei
Chen Geng
Wang Wenzhe
Introduction to the Academy

     The fifth-generation inheritor of Gu Lun Kungfu, Wu Nanfang (Shi Defang), aimed to share the cultural treasure of Gu Lun Kungfu with the world. Starting in the 1990s, he began teaching publicly and later founded the Gu Lun Chan Yuan in response to societal demand.

     Located in the scenic area of Mount Song in Dengfeng, Henan Province, the Chan Yuan is situated west of the ancestral home of Zen Buddhism, Shaolin Temple, east of the ancient monastery Huishan Temple, and nestled northward in the embrace of Tiger Mountain. Surrounded by lush greenery, verdant trees, and lush grass, it combines the beauty of famous mountains and the gathering of spiritual energy, presenting a unique landscape reminiscent of a classical garden.

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